At Herbastat we do coffee a little different. Each coffee comes with a few herbs separately packaged. Over the last few years we have noticed that not everyone will do a smoothie everyday with their herbs. We also noticed that people will have that daily cup of coffee everyday. So if you can’t beat them you must join them. So all you have to do now is just add a few pinches of your herbs into the coffee grounds and voilà .you have a great tasting healthy cup of coffee. How do we know this works? Because the owner of the herbal company has been doing this for years.

Herbastat has chosen two of the finest coffees in the world. Both are 100% organic and 100% committed to the local coffee fair trade industry.

We pay farmers much more than the minimum $1.31 per pound – in fact, we pay them an even fairer price that helps to keep their farms in business. With vibrant farms, farmers and workers are able to stay near their families rather than migrate to big, overcrowded cities to find work.
1) Our Supplier imports directly from farmers rather than through the coffee commodities market.
2) The Community Aid program truly breaks the cycle of poverty in our partner communities.

The coffee company we represent invest upwards of $1,000,000 every year on over 20 farms in Central America, Mexico, and most recently Rwanda, where they have improved worker housing and built or replaced schools.

herbal-coffee4We have two coffees to choose from a deep wonderful velvety French Roast and a perfect and I mean perfect Hazelnut coffee.

Why only two types of coffee? We sampled coffee from all over the world for the last few years and these two were the best ….you don’t need 10 different types of coffee when you have the best.

The coffee tastes so good because they buy coffee from the premier organic farms, and they also grow their own organic coffee on unique and bio-diverse farms in Panama.